Sales Reports

Each month the registry of deeds creates a consolidated sales report that shows all real estate sales in the district for the month. The property address, price, date of recording and book and page numbers are all included in the report which is organized by town. In a change from our prior reports of this type, all sales are included in a single PDF file for the month (previously, each town had its own file). Also, we will no longer provide a monthly year-to-date sales report. Instead, at the end of each year we will post a separate sales report for each town which will include all of that town’s sales for the year. 

Please click on the links below to display the monthly sales reports:

January 2020 sales report

February 2020 sales report

March 2020 sales report

April 2020 sales report

May 2020 sales report

June 2020 sales report

June 2020 sales report version 2

July 2020 sales report

August 2020 sales report

September 2020 sales report

October 2020 sales report

November 2020 sales report

December 2020 sales report

January 2021 sales report

February 2021 sales report  (no foreclosures this month)

March 2021 sales report

April 2021 sales report

May 2021 sales report

June 2021 sales report

July 2021 sales report

August 2021 sales report

Sept 2021 sales report

October 2021 sales report









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