Copies of Documents


Copies of documents or plans

ONLINE – All documents and plans from 1629 to the present are available for viewing, downloading, and printing on our website.

BY REGULAR MAIL (CERTIFIED COPIES) – Send a written request to Registry of Deeds, 370 Jackson St, Lowell MA 01852 with the document book/page number; the plan book/plan number; or the registered land certificate or document number. The fee for documents by mail is:

  • $15 for a mortgage
  • $5 for other documents or plans
  • But call if the non-mortgage document requested is more than 10 pages

Include a check payable to Registry of Deeds for the applicable amount and a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Include your name, address and phone number so we can contact you with any questions.

Copy of Deed for Homeowner

The registry will send homeowners a free copy of their deed by email or regular mail. Request your deed as follows:

Website Instructions

For detailed instructions on using our website, visit our Search Records Instructions page.


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Middlesex North Registry of Deeds
370 Jackson St.
Lowell, MA 01852
Main Number: (978) 322-9000
Fax Number: (978) 322-9001

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