Using Worcester’s E-Recording System, a document can be submitted to the Registry of Deeds for electronic recording. This efficient, reliable service allows authorized users to file documents from the convenience of their office.

The Worcester Registry of Deeds has been accepting electronic filing of documents since November 2010. In 2019, 50% of the documents recorded by the Worcester Registry were electronically filed.

All Recorded Land documents that meet the recording standards of the Registry may be recorded electronically by approved submitters.

Electronic Recording vendors/contacts accepted by the Worcester Registry of Deeds:

Brian Kilfoyle
Phone – (800) 460-5657 x1032
Email – [email protected]

Kevin Kinderman
eRecording Support – (866) 652-0111
Email – [email protected]

EPN Sales
Phone – (888) 325-3365
Email – [email protected]

** Registered Land (Land Court) documents cannot be filed electronically at the present time **

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