Register Iannuccillo Identifies Possible Fraud In Letter To Attorney General

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By gshea

Northern Essex Register of Deeds Paul Iannuccillo has asked Massachusetts Attorney General Andrea Joy Campbell to investigate possible fraud by a business operating out of a UPS mailbox.

Iannuccillo wrote to Campbell in December asking her to look into Property Records MA, which he says has been operating out of a mailbox at a UPS mailbox at a convenience store on Lakeview Drive in Dracut.

The Registry of Deeds “has received numerous inquiries regarding mailed offers from Property Records MA to provide homeowners with copies of their property deeds at an inflated cost of $118,” Iannuccillo wrote.

Homeowners can get a non-certified copy of their deeds for free on the Registry website or a certified copy from the Registry for $1 per page.

“They can also request a copy of their deed in person, by email, at the Northern Essex Registry of Deeds office, or by mail via a self-addressed stamped envelope,” Iannuccillo wrote. In addition to property deeds at an outrageous price, Iannuccillo said, Property Records MA is also offering customers information on tax-assessed value, owner information, parcel ID number and tax delinquency information, all of which can be found at city and town assessor’s offices, free of charge.

In fact, many cities and towns have that information on their websites.

“I would respectfully request that your office conduct an investigation to determine if the business activities of Property Records MA are in full compliance with Massachusetts General and Special laws as well as Federal laws,” Iannuccillo wrote. “I would further request an issuance of a Cease and Desist Order to Property Records MA prohibiting any further solicitation to Northern Essex District homeowners and an order of restitution of any fees paid by homeowners to this company.”