Discharging Your Mortgage

Getting Started

When your mortgage is paid off you need to clear the title of the property by discharging the mortgage. This done by recording a document at the Registry of Deeds usually called either a “Discharge of Mortgage” or a Satisfaction of Mortgage”.

Sometimes, your lending institution or closing attorney will file the discharge on your behalf, but more often you will receive the Discharge of Mortgage in the mail and will need to file it yourself.

In order to make public notification that you have paid your mortgage off, you need to bring the “original” Discharge of Mortgageprovided by the bank to the registry of deeds along with either cash or a check in the amount of $105.00. The Registry will record the Discharge and return it to you immediately. If you have Registered Land the Discharge will remain at the Registry of Deeds but you will receive (free of charge) a certified copy of the Discharge after recording.

The Northern Essex Registry of Deeds records documents from 8:00AM to 4:00PM Monday-Friday and is located at 1 Union Street Suite #402
Lawrence, MA 01840.

You may also mail the original Discharge of Mortgage to the Registry for recording (again you must provide the Registry the original document). Please remember to include a check for $105.00 made out to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the recording fee. 

If you choose to mail in your discharge, please send the original discharge to:

Northern Essex Registry of Deeds
1 Union Street
Suite #402
Lawrence, MA 01840

All mail is recorded and mailed back to the homeowner the day it arrives at the Registry.