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The Berkshire Middle Registry of Deeds maintains property records from 1761 to today. There are several ways to search our records on, depending on when the relevant document was recorded. If you are unsuccessful in locating your document in the Recorded Land database, please search the Registered Land database.

Documents Recorded after June 30, 1970

All documents recorded after June 30, 1970 are fully indexed and searchable by both index data and the associated document image. These records can be searched by Name, Book and Page Number, Document Number, Property (Street Address and City/Town) and Recorded Date. These options are available in the drop-down menu entitled “Search Criteria” in the upper left-hand corner of the main Berkshire Middle District Registry of Deeds page on

Documents Recorded before June 30, 1970

Documents recorded before June 30, 1970 also may be searched and accessed online. These documents are indexed and searchable only by Grantor and Grantee name. The Registry of Deeds has scanned all the original index books from that period, allowing for an electronic search to find the Book and Page Number of the desired document. Once you have found the applicable Book and Page Number, the document image can be accessed via the “Unindexed Property Search”.

The Pre-1960 Grantor Index, the Pre-1960 Grantee Index, and the Unindexed Property Search are available in the drop-down menu entitled “Search Criteria” in the upper left-hand corner of the main Berkshire Middle District Registry of Deeds page on

Pre-1969 Grantor Index

Selecting this option under “Search Criteria” changes the search parameters to “Index” and “Last Name”. Opening the drop-down box of “Indexing” allows you to select the year range you can search, then type the last name of the party you wish to find in the “Last Name” field, then hit search. The search results will list pages of the index that may contain the name you entered. Put a check in the box of the page that has the arrow next to it, double–click on the name next to the checked box. Then select “View Images” on the right side of screen to begin looking at the actual index page. If you do not find your name on that page continue to the subsequent pages until find the desired entry. Once you find your entry simply write down the book and page of the document and use the “Unindexed Property Search” instructions below to display the document.

Pre-1969 Grantee Index

Select this option in the “Search Criteria” drop down and use same instruction as Pre-1969 Grantor Index.

Unindexed Property Search

This option allows you to display a selected image from our database from 1761 to 1969 based on Book and Page number of the document.

Once you select this option in the drop-down box, the search parameters on the main screen are changed to “Book” and “Page”. You must know the book and page of the pre-1960 document to use this feature. After placing the proper book/page in those fields and pressing search you will get a screen that displays your selection. You then place a check in the box to the left of the entry and double click on the text “Unindexed Documents”. On the right side of the screen select the tab “View Images” to display page. Image will display on screen.

** Note Pop-up blockers must be disabled for the image to display **

Downloadable Search Instructions

MLR Search Instructions PDF

MLR County Commissioner Plan Book Search Instructions PDF

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