Registry of Deeds History

The position of Register of Deeds is even older than the country itself and before there even was a United States “land ownership documents” were being recorded in Massachusetts. The Registries of Deeds were established in 1640 under the First Modern Recording Act. Until 1715 the Clerks of the County Courts maintained the public records.  At that time a law was enacted calling for the election of Registers of Deeds to represent the people of their district. This was done to ensure that an elected representative of the people would independently maintain land records. Registers of Deeds are elected for a term of six years.

The Berkshire Middle Registry district includes the towns of Becket Dalton | Hinsdale Lee Lenox Otis | Peru Pittsfield Richmond Stockbridge   Tyringham Washington

Registries operate independently of one another, but coordinate efforts and share best practices through the Massachusetts Registers Association. The Registry of Deeds Division is a subdivision of the Massachusetts Secretary of State and is a repository for land and real estate related documents including deeds, mortgages, mortgage discharges, mortgage assignments and other related land documents. The documents in this office establish an accurate official record of real property ownership. These records are essential to the individual property owner who wants to establish a “clear title” to his holdings.

Berkshire Middle Registry History

Established April 21, 1761 from Hampshire County as one Registry, and continued to operate as one from 1761-1790, in Great Barrington. In 1790, it was divided into three registries, Middle District, Northern District and Southern District. At the time of the division, all the proceedings and records for the middle district were moved to Lenox, where they were kept until 1868, when they were moved to Pittsfield.

Previous Berkshire Middle Registers

Berkshire Middle Registers
Caleb Hyde, of Lenox 1790 — 1796
Samuel Quincey, of Lenox 1796 — 1801
Joseph Tucker, of Lenox 1801 — 1847
M. S. Wilson, of Lenox 1856 — 1862
George J. Tucker, of Lenox 1862 — 1877
Theodore L. Allen, of Pittsfield 1877 — 1881
Henry M. Pitt, of Pittsfield 1881 — 1922
Walter S. Dickie, of Pittsfield 1922 — 1950
Anna L. Tyler (temporary) of Pittsfield 11/8/1950 — 12/6/1950
Harold F. Goggins, of Pittsfield 1950 — 1977
Mary K. O’Brien, of Pittsfield 1977 — 2007
Andrea F. Nuciforo, of Pittsfield 2007 — 2012

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