Land Plans

Land Plans for the Berkshire Middle Registry are available online. You may gGo online and check the status of your recordings, update titles, or research properties at the Commonwealth’s website:


  • All Common Records indices and documents are available online
    • Documents recorded August 8, 1761 through June 27, 1969 can be found by searching under Unindexed Property (see attached instructions)
  • All Registered Land documents from April 24, 1997 through present are available online.
    • Additional miscellaneous Registered Land Documents are available by using the default 1/1/1901 as the “from” date of recording.

Recorded Land Plans:

All Plans are available online and can be searched by Name, Surveyor or Street. For plans recorded in:

  • Plats: Insert in the Book Field – “P” plus letter of Plat (i.e. A, B, C, etc.) and the Plan number into the Page Field, then click “search”
  • Lettered Drawers: Insert in the Book Field – “D” plus letter of drawer (i.e. A, B, C, etc.) and the Plan number into the Page Field, then click “search”.
  • Older Drawers, such as Drawers 1 – 268: Insert in the Book Field “D” plus the number of the Drawer (i.e. D1, D2, etc.) but leave the page field blank, as there are several Plans per Drawer and you want to pull all for that Drawer to find the one that you need.
  • Books and Pages: Insert in the Book Field – “B” plus the Book number (i.e. B337, B347 etc.) and the page number into the Page Field, then click “search”.
  • Book 417’s: Insert 417 plus the letter, if any- (no spaces – no dashes) (i.e. 417a, 417b etc.) and the Plan number in the Page Field.
  • County Commissioner Plans: See attached instructions

Registered Land Plans:

All Plans are available online and can be searched by Plan reference or Street.

  • To Search by Plan Reference: under “search criteria” for Registered Land Plans, select “Court Case Number Search.” If the Plan reference is 2052-A, input just 2052 as there may be several others for the number such as B, C, D, etc.

***You MUST disable pop-ups for our site in your computer’s settings before you are able to download any documents for viewing/printing.  There are instructions for this on our home page. 

Document Searching:

  • The more specific you are in your search, the narrower your results will be.
  • To broaden your search results, input the least information as possible (last name only.)
  • If searching the property owner, you will want to search the Grantee Index.
  • If you are searching for who sold a property, search Grantor Index.
  • If you are looking for other documents and are not sure check both; Grantor/Grantee Index.
  • Under “Search Criteria” there are several options to choose from:
    • Name Search: This option is used if you know the property owners name.
    • Book Search: This option is if you know the Book and Page Number.
    • Document Search: This option is if you know the Document Number.
    • Property Search: You can search by the Street Name in a specific town.  Only use the street name. Do not include the words Street, Avenue, Road, etc.
    • Recorded Date Search: You can search a document that was recorded within a particular date range.  “Advanced Search” will narrow your results not only to the date range, but also the document type and specific town.

Once you find what you are looking for, it will show up on a split screen with the line items on the left.  You can select what you need on the left by clicking anywhere it’s underlined.  Once you make your selection, the indexing information will appear on the right hand side of the screen.  There will be two tabs on the right above the indexing information- one will say “View Image”…select that tab to see the document image.

If you are done searching and are ready to print, select “print document” (to the right of the “view image” tab) and follow printing instructions.  If you have other searching to do, you can add the document to your “Basket” and continue searching.  When complete, exit from the viewing window and click on “Basket” at the top of the screen, select what documents you would like to print and follow the printing instructions.  This also applies to any and all Plans.

If you need assistance using MassLandRecords, please call our Registry during our office hours Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m, at (413)443-7438.

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