Fees & Forms of Payment

Recording Fees

Forms of Payment

Only Cash, Checks or Money Orders are acceptable forms of payments. (Sorry we do not accept credit or debit cards.)
  • Please make checks payable to "Commonwealth of Massachusetts"; recording checks must be in the exact amount when documents are mailed into the registry. No change will be given (It is recommended that the amount of the check be left blank when recording at the registry counter, until documents are approved for recording).
  • Please have a name, address and phone number on each check.
  • We do not accept out of state personal checks.
  • We do not accept any starter checks.
  • We do not fill in blank checks (please see our fee schedule above.)
  • A separate check is required for excise tax.
  • Separate checks for Recorded Land and Registered Land are required.
  • Separate checks for the recording of Plans are required.