Available Title Examiners

On March 15, 2017, a request was posted at the Suffolk Registry of Deeds (the “Registry”) for title examiners interested in performing title examinations on behalf of the general public for a fee. The reason for the posting was to obtain the names of title examiners working at the Registry who would be interested in working with members of the general public who contact the Registry requesting the services of a title examiner. The following five (5) title examiners responded and are available to conduct title examinations upon your request. The Registry supplies these names as a constituent service to accommodate your title examination needs.

The Registry in no way recommends the title examiner, endorses the work performed, or guarantees the accuracy of any work performed.

Title Examiner Phone Email
Haydee Hartzell 857-928-4276 [email protected]
Greg MacInnis 617-680-8235 [email protected]
Kevin Quirk 617-429-7903 [email protected]
Lisa Yucius 857-939-9641 [email protected]
Colin Wehrung 617-207-0027 [email protected]