The Middlesex North Registry of Deeds opened to the public for LIMITED purposes on July 13, 2020 with the following procedures: 

Electronic Recording – If you have an electronic recording account, please use that to record documents as much as possible.

Registered Land Recordings – Customers with registered land documents must first email them to [email protected] for preapproval before bringing or mailing them to the registry.

Recording a Plan – Customers with plans to record must first email them to [email protected] for preapproval before bringing them to the registry.

Town Documents – If you receive a document at Town Hall like a Board of Appeals decision or Conservation Commission order of conditions, please call us at 978-322-9000 for instructions on the recording process BEFORE you come to the Registry. 

Walk-In Recordings – Customers may drop off documents at the registry during normal business hours. However, registry staff will not record anything until the customer leaves. There is no “scan and return.” Original documents will be mailed back in your self-addressed stamped envelope. Recording information may be obtained immediately from our website.

Drop-Box at Courthouse Entrance – There is a Registry drop-box just inside the entrance to the Justice Center. Leaving documents there eliminates the need to pass thru security, however, you should call us at 978-322-9000 once you leave the building so we know to retrieve your documents. 

No In-person Research Assistance – If you need your deed or plan or if you have any questions, you must call us at 978-322-9000 or email your question to [email protected]

Copies of Documents and Plans – We will not provide paper copies of ANY documents or plans at the registry office. Either print what you need from our website or order a certified copy by mail.

Run-Down/Research Computers – There are none. Use your own device to access our website from offsite.

Fedex/UPS/Couriers – The registry will accept delivery of packages addressed to the registry, however, the registry will refuse any packages addressed to a third party in care of the registry.

Real Estate Closings – There is no space at the registry of deeds for real estate closings.

Notary Service – The registry will no longer notarize documents.

Declaration of Homestead – Blank homestead forms are available on our website or will be mailed to you when requested by phone or email. The registry will not provide blank homestead forms to in-person customers nor will the registry assist in-person customers in completing homestead forms.

Corporate Certificates – Customers may MAKE AN APPOINTMENT to pick up corporate certificates ordered from the Secretary of State’s website. Call us at 978-322-9000 to schedule your appointment.

Oath of Office – Customers may MAKE AN APPOINTMENT to take an oath of office at the registry. Call us at 978-322-9000 to make your appointment.

Updated Sept 21, 2020. 

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Middlesex North Registry of Deeds
370 Jackson St.
Lowell, MA 01852
Main Number: (978) 322-9000
Fax Number: (978) 322-9001

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