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Recording Fees

Recording fees are now the same whether you own Recorded Land or Registered Land. Most property is Recorded Land. If the document you wish to record refers to a “Book and Page” number, you probably have Recorded Land. If your document refers to a “Certificate of Title” number, you probably have Registered Land.

DocumentRecording Fee as of 12/31/19
Foreclosure Deed w/Affidavit$155.00
Mortgage Discharge$105.00
Municipal Lien Certificate$80.00
Declaration of Trust$255.00
Declaration of Homestead$35.00
UCC Documents$75.00
Recorded Land Plans (per sheet)$105.00
Decree (not including plan)$125.00
Order of Court (for new certificate)$155.00
All other instruments$105.00
* A $1 postage fee will be assessed per document unless a self-addressed stamped envelope with sufficient postage is provided at time of recording. Electronically recorded documents are exempt from this fee.
* All checks should be made payable to Dukes County Registry of Deeds.

Notes on Fees

Excise Fee (separate check is required)

  • Excise is calculated as follows: $4.56 per thousand, rounded up to the nearest $500 (e.g. If consideration is stated as $1,546,300. then deeds excise is calculated using $1,546,500 and the total fee would be $7,052.04). Consideration of $100.00 or less is exempt.

Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission

  • All land transfers and any transfers of interest, including leases (of 30 years of more including extensions) must be processed through the Land Bank prior to being recorded in our office.  Visit their website at www.mvlandbank.com or call their office at 508-627-7141.

All copy/fax Requests must be in writing and prepaid

  • For copies by mail a self-addressed, stamped envelope is required.  All copy requests will be processed within 24 hours of receipt.

Other Notes

  • Fee is for the entire document regardless of the number of pages.
  • Single Instruments that effect more than one prior recorded instrument and/or attempt to perform two or more separate functions will be treated as a “multiple instrument” for fee purposes, i.e. blanket assignment of mortgages – $105.00 for each mortgage assigned.

Excise Tax Calculator
The effective tax rate is $4.56 per $1000 or fraction thereof of taxable value. There is no excise tax due where the consideration stated is less than $100.00.

Consideration of Deed:

Total Excise to Add:

Total Excise Amount: *Please note the above calculator is only an estimate and actual excise tax calculated at the Registry of Deeds may vary from the figure above. Please contact the Registry of Deeds to confirm the excise stamp amount. Please make a separate check payable to Dukes County Registry of Deeds. There is no excise tax due where the consideration stated is less than $100.00.

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