Dukes County Registry of Deeds

There are out of state companies that continue to to prey on unsuspecting homeowners by sending a direct mail solicitation asking them to send a check for $83/$95 in order to receive a copy of their deed or other assessment information.

They are often labeled as “Recorded Deed Notice” and request that the homeowner send them a check for a copy of their deed and “property assessment profile”. The Registry has been contacted by several individuals who have received this kind of solicitation. Please do not fall for this scam.

While the deed direct mail solicitation may be legal, it is by no means ethical. Clearly, this is a scam being perpetrated against the hard-working residents of our county, many of whom are first-time homeowners or elderly. Consumers are interpreting these notices as a bill, since they are affixed with a respond by date.

Please note you may obtain a certified copy of your deed from the Dukes County Registry of Deeds at the cost of $1 per page. You may also access our records at no cost by going to masslandrecords.com. For assessment information, you may contact your town assessor’s office.

deceptive mailing