Lowell County Layout Plans

Lowell – Book 915

Note: All Lowell plans are in Book 915. The number shown below is the Plan number. To retrieve the first plan listed below, for instance, from “unindexed property (plan) search” enter Plan Book 915, Plan 1. Most of these plans have multiple sheets.

  • Andover St from Butnam Rd to River Rd (1900). Plan #630
  • Woburn St from Tewksbury line to Altmont St (1897). Plan #574
  • Woburn St from Lawrence St to Altmont St (1896). Plan #1029
  • Lawrence St from Epping St to Boylston St (1896). Plan #1053
  1. Andover St from Nesmith St to Butnam Rd (1897). Plan #1126
  2. Gorham St from Cosgrove St to Fay St (1896). Plan #979
  3. Varnum Ave from Fowler Rd to Tyngsboro line (1938). Plan #2916
  4. West Meadow Rd from Laplume Ave to Mammoth Rd (1969). Plan #4451
  5. West Meadow Rd from Varnum Ave to Laplume Ave (1968). Plan #4451

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